Nurse Exploration Day


Nurse Exploration Day was developed to educate high school students in their sophomore (10th), junior (11th) or senior (12th) year about the nursing profession. CAHEC has collaborated with one of Colorado's top nursing schools, the University of Northern Colorado to host this event on campus. Students will have the opportunity to learn how to apply for college, financial aid, the various types of nursing programs, as well as different education and career paths for nurses. In addition, students will learn which classes will help prepare them for the nursing program, while still in high school. This event will answer many questions and will help prepare students for the "real world" nursing experience.


Students experience hands-on learning activities, working with simulation lab equipment. Participation in a live experiment demonstrates how microorganisms are transferred, highlighting the importance of proper professional hygiene. 


Centennial Area Health Education Center is seeking to expand this program to other colleges and universities in our Northeastern region. If you would like to collaborate, please contact us at 970-330-3608.



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