High School Pathway Programs

H.O.P.E. Institute

The Health Occupations Promoting Equity Institute consists of six monthly sessions and a week long summer camp that provides students the opportunity to learn about various healthcare careers. Students get hands-on experience with projects relating to the various healthcare careers and a chance to speak with educators and professionals in each field. The best part is, it is all FREE!

21-22 schedule.JPG
  • Introduction to health professions

  • Introduction to health para-professions

  • Understanding mental/behavioral health

  • Understanding public health

  • Teamwork and professionalism

  • Q&A with professionals

Anatomy in Clay®

Anatomy  in Clay® is a hands-on learning system that provides effective, informative, and relevant anatomy education for visual, audio, and tactile learners at the high school, college, and professional levels. Using models and clay, students are able to build the human anatomy from the inside out. (made possible through Zahourek Systems, Inc.)

To learn more about a program and schedule an experience for your school, contact us at:
contactcahec@gmail.com or call 970-330-3608


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Public Health

Click the image below to learn more about routes to pursue a public health career with information from ASPPH.