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Be Mindful It Matters




About the exhibit

 In Colorado 1 in 5 are experiencing poor mental health and 1 in 10 avoid seeking support resources due to stigma. CAHEC's Be Mindful exhibit was designed as a mobile, interactive and fun tool to break down mental health stigma in our communities by sparking conversations. Discover the facts and relate to the experiences of fellow Coloradans, as you delve deeper into the topic that affects everyone - mental health.

 Learn about the various mental health impacts different communities and diagnoses face.

Mindful perspectives

Use fun learning games to build emotional understanding and strengthen cognitive skills.

mind games

Engage in activities that support positive mental health and encourage a culture of seeking help when needed.

coping corner

A calendar of special trainings from community mental health organizations and experts providing in-depth knowledge on specific topics.

train with the experts

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