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AHEC Scholars

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Hi! I’m Jessica, an inspiring medical student. I have always loved helping people and being able to change a life. From the little things, like getting some water, to the big things, like performing CPR, healthcare has surrounded my life. I hope to get a job at the hospital this summer and continue my medical education. I am a junior in high school and am already able to get a job in the healthcare settings because of the amazing opportunities Aims and AHEC have offered me. After high school, I plan to continue my medical education to reach my life goal of working in the NICU. I mean who wouldn’t want to work with cute babies all day. 


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Gracelyn Alexander

Diana Alva

Ivey Armstrong

Payton Bays

Madisyn Beers

Wyatt Bolling

Jazable Breazeale

Alexis Bruntz

Alany Carrillo

Jasmine Casas

Yesenia Casas

Payton Chavez

Alexis Crook

Vicky Cruz

Jaqueline Cruz Bencomo

Jessica Ditter

Abbygale Erdmann

Aleayah Garcia

Kayline Garman

Emily Gigliotti

Kyah Grant

Pamela Gutierrez Soto

Makenzie Hall

Adaleigh Hood

Aubrey Humphrey 

Audry Loya

Kloey Maggiano

Ashlyn Mallory

Teagan Marsh

Natalie McGirl

Brianna Mendoza Olivas

Whitley Mireles

Anahi Mota Gutierrez

Melanie Olivas Rivera

Victoria Ortiz

Nataly Pitones De La Cruz

Andrea Rincon

Josie Roselle

Jaqueline Soto

Quinten Stutler

Sophia Unzueta

Hannah Vannatta

Cyra Waldfogel

Tera Witt


My goal for my future career path is learn to work in a emergency setting where I would be working in a fast paced precise environment  and later on down the road settle down in helping children.  - Kayline


If you’re looking to graduate from your health professions program with distinction, consider applying to become an AHEC Scholar! 

AHEC Scholars is a FREE program for health professions students interested in supplementing their education by gaining additional knowledge and experience in rural and/or underserved urban settings.

  • A unique learning experience designed and funded by the Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services - nationally known for its desirable set of competencies.

  • Includes an online curriculum designed by the Colorado AHEC program of the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus.

  • Upon completion you will hold an AHEC Scholars Certification that will permanently help your healthcare resume stand out from the crowd.

  • The AHEC Scholars Program is a two-year commitment. AHEC Scholars will participate in a minimum of 40 hours per year of team-based training (that may be a part of their current required curriculum) and 40 hours per year of instruction (in addition to current required curriculum) focused on the six HRSA AHEC Core Topic Areas. 

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See how AHEC Scholar Emma Goetz is handling being a nursing student during a global pandemic!

The AHEC Scholars participate in a minimum of 40 hours per year of team-based training and 40 hours per year of instruction (in addition to current required curriculum) focused on the HRSA/AHEC Core Topic Areas. AHEC will provide a one-year follow up after graduation or program completion.

Learning Opportunities

  • Interprofessional Education

  • Behavioral Health Integration

  • Health Equity

  • Practice Transformation

  • Connecting Communities & Supporting Health Professionals

  • Virtual Learning & Telehealth

  • Emerging Colorado Issues:

    • Opioid Epidemic

    • Marijuana

    • Oral Health

    • Health Effects of Oil & Gas Production

Click HERE to Register

OR, Contact:
Erika Greenberg MSN, RN

(970) 324-3018

“This [project/publication/program/website, etc.] [is/was] supported by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) as part of a financial assistance award totaling $1,778,820 with 50 percent funded by HRSA/HHS and $ 889,410 and 50 percent funded by non-government source(s). The contents are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the official views of, nor an endorsement, by HRSA/HHS, or the U.S. Government.”

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