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Nightingale Luminary Awards


The Nightingale Awards, given since 1985, are Colorado’s highest nursing honor.
Do you know an outstanding nurse who deserves to be recognized? Someone who went above and beyond the call of duty, and demonstrated, hard work, leadership, and innovation!




MEGAN RENTEL - Clinical Advocacy 

KATRINA EINHELLIG - Non-Traditional Advocacy

LINDSAY KIDD - Clinical Innovation

DENISE RUSH - Clinical Leadership

JENNIFER THISTLE - Non-Traditional Leadership


Congratulations to the 2022 NE Regional Luminary Nominees

Alyssa Medeiros

Christina Kuehster

Denise Rush

Hali Aiona

Jennifer Thistle

Katrina Einhellig

Kristin Bisceglia-Smith

Lindsay Kidd

Megan Rentel

Rhonda Turner

What is the Nightingale Award?

The Nightingale Luminary Award was established in 1985 to acknowledge the outstanding nurses in our region, whose hard work and dedication improves other's health through their advocacy, innovation, and leadership. 

This award was named after Florence Nightingale in honor of her many years of service as a leader, innovator, and advocator of the Nursing profession. She was known as a pioneer of her time, and her practices still influence the field of nursing. Today, new pioneers work hard to revolutionize nursing and make an impact in our communities. 

Nightingale Selection Committee 

Stephanie Boyd, MSN, RN, UCHealth

Carrie Brunson, MSN, APRN, ACNS-BC, AP-PMN

Katrina Einhellig, PhD, RN, CNE, AIMS Community College

Linda Roan, MSN, RN, Banner Health

Jennifer Thistle, MSN, RN, Morgan Community College

Jill Zamzow, MSN, RN, UCHealth

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