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Our Regional Health Connectors

Our Vision

Connected systems will lead to healthier lives for all Coloradans.

Core Values






There is more to learn. Innovative approaches to complex challenges will improve the future of health and health care.

Health is local. Health starts in the neighborhoods where we live, learn, work, and play, and sustainable solutions must honor local diversity.

Coordination leads to better health. Connected, comprehensive care will leverage available resources to keep Coloradans healthy.

Primary care builds trust. the unique relationship between a primary care practice and a patient can uncover opportunities for connections to comprehensive services.

Action must be based on evidence. Local data and experience paired with scientific studies can help us achieve better health outcomes faster.

Health is determined by more than health care alone. Many factors, such as transportation, nutrition, education, influence our health outside of the doctor's office.

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Erika Greenberg MSN, RN

Erika has been a registered nurse for over 20 years and earned both her Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in Nursing from the University of Northern Colorado. Erika has worked directly with patients in various settings including trauma/cardiac ICU, bone marrow transplant, and outpatient surgery. She has always had a passion for education and spent many years working as a nurse educator teaching nursing students to become extraordinary professional nurses. Erika is now using her nursing experience to promote health education in our rural communities to both current health focused students and professionals. Erika can be reached at


Kori Walsh BA


Kori earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Applied Behavioral Sciences with a minor in child development. After graduation, she worked in a community mental health Center as a case manager in rural Colorado. In her previous position, she was able to work with many different individuals facing a variety of situations, allowing her the opportunity to develop many skills that she values professionally. Kori has always had a passion for helping others, and is dedicated to helping individuals in her community thrive. She believes that working together in any situation will almost always prove triumphant. Kori is excited to have this opportunity to learn and grow, and to be apart of an agency dedicated to educating everyone about healthcare, and working to improve rural healthcare so our communities are able to live long and healthy lives. 

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