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"AHEC Scholars has allowed me to explore a multitude of topics and unique populations which has only helped grow my knowledge base. From health equity regarding food access and social determinants of health, oil and gas development and its impact on wellbeing, the use of medical marijuana, and current issues like COVID-19, this program has only helped to prepare me for a career in nursing." - Stephanie Norris

Students and Educators

The Centennial Area Health Education Center develops pipeline and support programs to enhance and grow the healthcare workforce.  The CAHEC office develops programs for target audiences ranging from kindergarten to healthcare students and professionals.

Healthcare Professionals

CAHEC supports local Healthcare Providers in many different ways. CAHEC helps coordinate and participate in various Coalitions and groups that assist with coordination of care, connect resources within our region, develop resources for Healthcare Providers to share with patients, deliver continuing education programs, certitication programs, plan recognition events recognizing them, and help coordinate student involvement within their workplace. 


Facilitating and supporting practice transformation of Colorado's healthcare system by promoting a patient-centered approach, addressing social determinants of health through a team-based,data-centered method with a focus on improving quality and community health outcomes in rural and medically underserved areas.

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