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Yuma Hospital

1000 W 8th Ave

Yuma, CO 80759
May 3 - May 20

The mission of
 Centennial Area Health Education Center
is to positively impact health outcomes in Northeast Colorado by connecting existing and future health professionals and communities with resources and education. 

The primary goal of the Colorado Area Health Education Center’s Program is to work to build state-wide network capacity and strengthen academic-community linkages in four core mission areas:

  • Health Education and Collaboration

  • Workforce Shortages and Diversity

  • Health Disparities

  • Wellbeing

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Centennial Area Health Education Center (CAHEC) has been serving Northeastern Colorado since 1977. 

CAHEC works in partnership with schools on health career pipeline programs, leading to career opportunities and success. CAHEC hosted one of the first Regional Health Connectors in the state and has since collaborated in educational and healthcare outreach. 

With healthcare and community agencies in the region, we leverage partnerships to develop strategies to address the healthcare gaps and needs in the region.

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Students and Educators

The Centennial Area Health Education Center develops pipeline and support programs to enhance and grow the healthcare workforce.


The CAHEC office develops programs for target audiences ranging from grade school to healthcare students and professionals.

Healthcare Professionals

CAHEC supports local healthcare professionals in many different ways:

  • Coordinate and participate in various coalitions for coordination of care

  • Develop and connect resources for healthcare professionals

  • Deliver continuing education programs

  • Coordinate housing for healthcare students

  • Facilitating and supporting practice transformation in rural and medically underserved areas


CAHEC supports healthy living in our communities through collaborations with regional coalitions and partnerships.

CAHEC develops and delivers community education on important health topics.

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