CAHEC is staffed by a number of professionals specializing in everything from nursing education to housing. 
We all combine our skill sets to accomplish amazing feats

such as hosting the annual NEC Conference.

Monica Daniels-Mika, Executive Director


 Monica is a fourth generation Coloradoan with a familiarity and love for the rural areas of the state. Monica has a Master of Science and a Master of Regional Community Planning from Kansas State University. She loves to travel. Her favorite place that she has seen thus far in her travels is Estonia, but her favorite city is Boston. She also likes to bake and is certificated in the Lambeth cake design.


Monica's desire is to grow CAHEC into a regional resource center, to help rural areas and citizens with workforce and career development, and to bring health education and resources to rural areas.


She is very proud of the accomplishments CAHEC has achieved. The partnership and leadership CAHEC has exercised in order to get the Preceptor Bill off and running has been an amazing success.  You may contact Monica at


Monica's favorite motto is: "What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?"


David Cessna, Program Coordinator


 David completed his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Northern Colorado and subsequently taught biology for three years.  He then entered Colorado State University and received his Master of Education degree.  He remained in higher education in the career development field working at CSU, DU, CU and UNC.  He left higher education for several years to work within the state workforce system before moving on to Goodwill Industries of Denver.  While at Goodwill he developed programs that served the employment needs of struggling individuals and families.  He then (mistakenly) thought it time to retire, but soon discovered his passion for creating positive outcomes with individuals and communities was still burning.  He now focuses his energy toward providing health education opportunities to the 10 county area served by CAHEC.  You may contact David at

Erika Greenberg MSN, RN, Health Educator

Erika has been a registered nurse for over 20 years and earned both her Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in Nursing from the University of Northern Colorado. Erika has worked directly with patients in various settings including trauma/cardiac ICU, bone marrow transplant, and outpatient surgery. She has always had a passion for education and spent many years working as a nurse educator teaching nursing students to become extraordinary professional nurses. Erika is now using her nursing experience to promote health education in our rural communities to both current health focused students and professionals. Erika can be reached at

Samantha Vernon, Administrative Staff


Samantha graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Global Health from Arizona State
University in 2018. She is currently working on a Master’s in Public Health with a focus on
community health education at the University of Northern Colorado. She has worked in a
variety of roles within Medicare, special education, and assisted living where she continued
to develop a passion for health education. She is excited to work with CAHEC on the
CARES act project doing Covid-19 interviews and learning more about the rural
communities in Northeastern Colorado. Samantha can be contacted at

Marc Ringel, MD, Medical Advisor


Dr. Marc Ringel M.D. graduated from University of Illinois before starting as a rural family physician in Yuma, Colorado. He was on the faculty of the North Colorado Family Medicine Family Practice Residency Training Program (NCFM) in Greeley and the University of Colorado Department of Family Medicine, where he was associate director of the Rural Track and High Plains Research Network.  He has served as the medical director at Hospice of Northern Colorado in Greeley, Weld County Colorado Department of Health and Environment, and North Colorado Medical Center for Continuing Medical Education. Marc is the author of  three books: Accessing Medical Information from a Desert Island with Telephone Service in 1993; Telemedicine and the Reinvention of Healthcare in 1999; and Digital Healing: People, Information and Healthcare in 2018. He served on the board of CAHEC for many years and continues contribute as a consultant.

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