• Jeff Appleman

Johnstown Students Breeze Through Human Body With Virtual Reality!

What do you want to be when you grow up? That is a common question that most high school students hear as they near graduation. For many juniors and seniors, the answer to that question

may still be unknown. On average, a person will change career between 5-7 times, mostly due to disillusionment or from being unsatisfied with their current profession. For students interested in a career in the health sciences, providing education and giving a direct insight into different healthcare careers during high school will allow students to plan for their future.

This school year, Roosevelt High School has partnered up with the Centennial Area Health Education Center (CAHEC) in Greeley to offer a unique educational experience for those students that are interested in pursuing a career in the health sciences. Jeff Appleman, Regional Health Connector for CAHEC, and Andy Olson, instructor at RHS, have worked together to bring in opportunities for students currently taking Mr. Olson's Anatomy & Physiology class to learn about possible health careers and engage in 21st Century skills. Each month, the AHEC Career Exploration Program, funded by the Daniel’s Grant, provided the students in Mr. Olson’s Anatomy and Physiology classes the opportunity to learn directly from healthcare professionals on what they do and how they can get into different health care or medical fields.

So far this school year the students have been able to experience a Virtual Reality system, brought in by Mr. Mike Sullivan, where they were able to virtually explore the human body and its systems. The students also were able to listen to physical therapist Dr. Courtney Geiseman talk about the path to becoming a PT as well as what a PT does on a daily basis. On November 14th former NFL football player and UNC Bear, and two-time Super Bowl Champion, Mr. Dave Stalls spoke with the class.. Mr. Stalls talked with the class about his life experiences playing in the NFL, the impact of brain trauma on him and his former colleagues, and how they are interacting with current research and medical professionals. This dialogue with the students gave them some insight into how football and brain trauma might impact them as future athletes, coaches, parents, researchers, medical professionals, etc.

To learn more about the AHEC Career Exploration Program, please contact Jeff Appleman at or call the office at 970-330-3608.

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