Enviroment & Land Use Leadership Training

          Our agency conducted a training for the Leadership Weld Program to teach rising stars in the community more about Land Use and Enviromental Health with a touch of local Government.


          Participants learned the basics of land use, and role-played taking a stance on an "applicant" submitting a proposal to the County before the Planning Commision. Role playing as the applicant, a community member, neighbor of the applicant, impacted companies, the Mayor, or serve as a Planning Commission member, the two groups learned a little more in-depth about how land use implacts environmental health and required regulations.



Pictured Above: Monica Mika, Presenting on Land Use and Environmental Health.  

Pictured Below and to the side: Leadership Participants acting out a Land Use Hearing.  They did great!!! 

Pictured Above: Land Use Map showing access points and a proposed Dairy Farm. This was  made-up for the Land Use Hearing activity.