True Colors for Students & Educators


The True Colors system is built upon a teaching model of personality identification that recognizes and celebrates people’s true character, and translates complex temperament theory into practical information and actionable programs.

Key Results

  • How to work with different personality types more effectively

  • More developed communication skills

  • Increased trust

  • Higher engagement

  • Increased productivity

2019-7-24 Monica True Colors

For Students

  • Enhanced self-esteem

  • Respect and trust among peers and teachers

  • More resiliency to challenges

  • Greater conflict resolution skills

  • Improved classroom engagement

  • Better attendance

  • Lower dropout rates

  • Higher test scores

For Teachers and Administrators

  • Student engagement

  • Teamwork

  • Leadership

  • School climate

  • Teaching and learning styles

  • Trust and understanding

  • Collegiality and collaboration

Why Use True Colors?

Enhancing the way teachers and students communicate with each other and among their peers, directly impacts dropout rates, attendance, bullying, graduation rates, and classroom achievement.


True Colors teaches educators and students how to communicate more effectively and how to apply techniques for maximum impact within school environments, home and their communities.

The True Colors Process

 Self-discovery is the beginning of the True Colors process. Customized to the needs and goals of your organization, our first step is to help you take every team member through a True Colors workshop of self-discovery.


Together, we can improve every interaction between every employee in your organization. We empower your teams to meet challenges creatively and collaboratively. Outcomes are improved communication, reduced conflict, greater collaboration, and improved teamwork.

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