True Colors for Healthcare


The True Colors system is built upon a teaching model of personality identification that recognizes and celebrates people’s true character, and translates complex temperament theory into practical information and actionable programs.

Key Results

  • We address ineffective communication at the individual, team, and organizational level.

  •  We help organizations maximize its most important resource: its people.

  •  We provide the tools, strategies, and show you how to implement them.

  •  We help establish a culture that values differences and creates unity.

2019-7-24 Monica True Colors
2019-07-24 Monica True Colors Training 2

For Employees

  • Communication Skills

  • Self-Esteem

  • Employee Engagement

  • Collaborative Teamwork

  • Employee Productivity 

  • Performance 

  • Customer Service & Interaction

Why Use True Colors in Healthcare?

We equip attendees with tools to communicate in a way that is best suited to the personality of each patient. When healthcare workers understand how clients prefer to be engaged, they quickly find more engagement and productivity increases, allowing for better health outcomes.

For Management

  • A Positive Workplace

  • Respect & Trust Building

  • Employee Retention 

  • Stronger Leadership 

  • Increased Diversity and Inclusion

  • Improved Conflict Resolution Skills

  • Acquisition of Key Talent

2019-07-24 Monica True Colors Training 5

The True Colors Process

 Self-discovery is the beginning of the True Colors process. Customized to the needs and goals of your organization, our first step is to help you take every team member through a True Colors workshop of self-discovery.


Together, we can improve every interaction between every employee in your organization. We empower your teams to meet challenges creatively and collaboratively. Outcomes are improved communication, reduced conflict, greater collaboration, and improved teamwork.

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