The impacts of COVID-19 are felt by everyone. Our interviewees come from a wide variety of backgrounds with a special emphasis on healthcare providers. While we have a rural focus, we have also been able to engage with state and national leaders. We reached out to Nurses Organization, local healthcare educators, NEC nurse leaders, personal contacts, and AHEC regional and state contacts with an amazing level of response. Over 70 interviews have been given so far and more are coming forward to participate.

Our intent is to craft meaningful dialogues that memorialize both the mundane and heroic healthcare efforts during this pandemic. This is the time to share these stories as the needs and lessons learned from this tragic event will be realized for a long time to come.

We discuss the challenges individuals, their families, and their communities are facing both at home and at work. We ask for insight into how healthcare and education will be impacted now and as we move into the future. We listen to stories of leadership, service, compassion, and self-care. For many these interviews have been able to provide a cathartic outlet where they can be heard.


Listen to the stories from six of our interviewees talk about the impact of Covid-19 on the human connection. How them and their families dealt with the isolation of physical distancing. How technology reimagines what it means to be connected. How loss and grief continue in a time of crisis

Full Interviews

Listen to the complete interview of an ICU nurse working with Covid-19 patients. Hear about some of the challenges facing nurses during a pandemic or the heartwarming outreach of family and community members in support of our wonderful providers.


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