9 Health Fair


          Our agency is a proud supporter of the 9 Health Fairs. Since 2000, CAHEC has taken an active role in coordinating Health Fairs in our region. The free and low-cost screens have helped to save lives and promote health awareness.  For more information on what the blood screening can tell you check out this 9 Health Fair Resource.


          Every Spring, we collaborate with health screening partners around the state to provide comprehensive health screenings and interactice educational centers. These free and low-cost health awareness and educational screenings reach over 100,000 lindividuals annually, and has impacted over 1.7 million lives since 1980. This initiative empowers participants to become more aware of, and responsible for, their health.


        Three to six weeks after a 9Health Fair visit, participants receive detailed information about their results, along with reminders to seek complete diagnosis and treatment from their primary care physician. Participants with critical or alert health results will receive a phone call within 72 hours of their 9Health Fair visit from a volunteer Registered Nurse and/or physician instructing them to seek immediate medical attention.


To become a: volunteer, host a fair, find a fair or become an interactive educational center please visit the 9 Health Fair Website. 

Personal Story:

"The Blood Chemistry Screening picked up a few things: low thyroid (which needed medication), high calcium (which led to a diagnosis of hypothyroidism), and high creatitine levels (which led to an early diagnosis of a kidney tumor.) I wouldn't be here without this annual screening at the 9 Health Fair."  

-Carol,9 Health Fair Participant

Please check back here for more information as we get closer to the event!